We has provided services not only to many companies and housing estates but also to several big corporations and government agencies. We are confident that OUR CLIENTS TRUST US AND HAVE CONFIDENCE IN US.

These are the companies Remotek Ehitus OÜ has had fruitful cooperation with.

Let your corporate name find its way here!


Tamsalu High School, Tamsalu city - renovation of heating systems, water pipelines and sewerage.

Pääsküla Library (Pärnu mnt 480, Tallinn) - construction of heating system, water supply system, and sewerage.

Geological Survey of Estonia (Kadaka tee 82, Tallinn) - heat pipeline construction.

Estonian Music Fund (Lauteri 7c, Tallinn) - assembly of heat distribution unit.

Tallinna Küte AS - installation of heat meters in different parts of Tallinn (Õismäe, Mustamäe, downtown, Lasnamäe).

Nõlvaku Soojus TÜ (Nõlvaku 17, Laagri) -gas pipeline construction.

BLRT Grupp AS (work completed in plants located at Kopli 103, Tallinn) - heating systems, water and sewerage services.

Restaurant Peppersack (Viru St 2, Tallinn) - construction of heat pipeline, heating systems, water supply system.

Scandic Hotels Eesti AS (Vabaduse väljak 3, Tallinn) - heating system and water supply system (repair work).


We have renovated or repaired the heating and/or water supply system or sewage for the following housing estates:


KÜ Kuldnoka 17

KÜ Kuldnoka 15

KÜ Kuldnoka 13

KÜ Mooni 60

KÜ Vilde 105

KÜ Vilde 133

KÜ Sõpruse pst.163 (Hansaliising)

KÜ Akadeemia 54 (Hansaliising)

KÜ Nõmme 41

KÜ Koondise 9; 11; 13 (Hansaliising)

KÜ Kari 26

KÜ Madala 10

KÜ Madala 11

KÜ Madala 15

KÜ Sõle 61

KÜ Tööstuse 85

KÜ Niine 9 A

KÜ Erika 2

KÜ Lõime 27

KÜ Pelguranna 53

KÜ Lastekodu 26

KÜ Majaka 42

KÜ Faehlmanni 34

KÜ Linnamäe 12; 22

KÜ Vormsi 16

KÜ Koondise 15

KÜ Vabaduse pst.215

KÜ Sütiste 44 (Hansaliising)

KÜ Madala 8 (Hansaliising)

KÜ Akadeemia tee 68


Heat production systems have been assembled for:


KÜ Kesk-Ameerika 12

KÜ Nelgi 31 (Hansaliising)
KÜ Raadiku 12

KÜ Madala 11

KÜ Pelguranna 7

KÜ Kalevipoja 9 (Hansaliising)

KÜ Kütise 9, Saue linn

KÜ Koondise 15, Saue linn

KÜ Koondise 9; 11; 13, Saue linn

KÜ Tule 3, Saue linn

KÜ Tule 5, Saue linn

KÜ Kuuma 3, Saue linn





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